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The Greening Award Initiative

The Greening Award Initiative aims to celebrate the sustainability actions that are carried out and developed across the more than 300 authorities that make up the European coast guard community.

The initiative recognises projects and activities developed by authorities carrying out coast guard functions which empower a green transition, contribute to a more sustainable future, and which directly or indirectly support the goals of the European Green Deal.

Announced in the framework of the Annual European Coast Guard Event (AECGE) held in Lisbon in 2023, the Greening Award Initiative is open to any entity or institution executing coast guard functions within the European Union.

How to apply

There are three different categories: Greening Operations; Outreach and Awareness; and Greening at Work.

Greening Operations: This category encompasses operational actions and projects that have led to an improved environmental footprint. Actions and projects that have engaged and involved communities internal and external to the submitting organisation are covered by this category, as are collaborative actions which may involve knowledge transfer inside or outside the organisation.

Outreach and awareness raising: This category showcases the public-facing activities that authorities engaged in coast guard functions have activated on sustainability themes. Public campaigns, open days, events, etc., are all covered by this category.

Greening at work: This category focuses on the practical application of sustainability in the workplace. It can include individual actions (for example, banning single use plastics, offsetting emissions) or larger-scale projects (for example, EMAS registration for an organisation).

The application period closed on 31 March 2024.

Any questions related to the award can be sent to

The Rules of the Greening Award initiative can be downloaded here.

The Awards

All entries will receive a certificate signed by the three Executive Directors of EMSA, EFCA, and Frontex, while three identified “notable” projects will be awarded with a special trophy.

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